can chinchillas eat willow tree branches

Can Chinchillas Eat Willow Tree Branches?

Willow trees have tough wood, slender branches with large fibrous and often stoloniferous roots.

These roots are very tough and grow from the aerial parts of the plant and so are not so edible.

The leaves are typically elongated, but may also be round to oval, frequently with serrated edges.

So can chinchillas eat willow tree branches?

Yes they can, willow tree branches are perfectly good for chinchillas to eat.

Just be careful that they haven’t been coated with anything unsavory and they’ll be fine for them to chew on.

They’ll love them too. They are able to eat the leaves as well.

Image “Salix alba Morton” by Bruce Marlin – Own work: Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons