Can Chinchillas eat Guinea pig food?

Guinea pigs are very similar animals to chinchillas and as rodents they share many similar qualities.

So can chinchillas eat guinea pig good at all?

Let’s start by checking out what guinea pigs can eat.

A guinea pig diet will consist of

Vitamin c pellets. This is because guinea pigs don’t make their own vitamin c and so need supplements in order to give themselves the vitamin c they need.

Timothy hay. Timothy hay or meadow hay is vital for guinea pigs as they give guinea pigs something to chew on. It also gives them the nutrients that they need.

Fruit and vegetables. It really depends in what fruit and vegetables they are eating to decipher whether they can eat them or not.

So yes they can eat timothy hay. It is very good for chinchillas to eat and is a common food for both chinchillas and guinea pigs.

They can’t however eat guinea pig pellets as they are specifically designed for guinea pigs and not other animals uch as chinchillas.

However they can eat a few vegetables that guinea pigs eat. Do check out the list here to see what vegetables and fruit they can eat. If they do at fruit it can only be a very small amount as to much will give them stomach ache.