can chinchillas eat bamboo

Can Chinchillas eat Bamboo?

Bamboo are flowering perennial evergreen plants that belong to the grass family Poaceae. They are some of the fastest-growing plants in the world because of their unique rhizome-dependent system and certain species can reach up to 35 inches within a 24 hour period.

Another great thing about bamboo is that it is a safe wood for chinchillas to eat.

Chinchillas enjoy chewing wood but only wood that is pesticide-free, untreated, not glued or painted is suitable for chinchillas to chew.

Bamboo which is collected for chinchillas to chew on must be soaked in hot water first and then dried to free it from any insects which may have infiltrated it.

Can Chinchillas eat bamboo leaves?

Yes the leaves are great for chinchillas. Again make sure that they haven’t been treated or are not infected with insects.

They are a great treat for chinchillas.