Why Do Chinchillas Drink Water?

One thing that chinchillas need is to drink often.

Chinchillas need constant access to water which is clean so they can get the liquid in their body that they need.

They have diet that consists of hay and pellets that gives them little fluid intake compared to what they would eat in the wild.

Normal tap water is more than satisfactory for a chinchilla but it is good to filter it before feeding it to your chinchilla so as to remove any chlorine from the water.

Don’t offer any chilled water to your chinchilla from your refrigerator as this may upset your chinchilla’s digestive system.

What is the best way for a chinchilla to drink water?

There are two ways that a chinchilla can drink water;

  1. Using a water bottle
  2. Using a water bowl

A Water bottle allows a chinchilla to drink when they want to and for the water to be kept safe and un-contaminated.

The ball in the bottle regulates the flow of the water and so when they draw it from the bottle, the water comes out at exactly the volume and pressure that the chinchilla needs.

You can get water bottles at different sizes from small to large depending on how many chinchillas require. If you have just one chinchilla, then one small water bottle will be sufficient.

Using a water bowl for a Chinchilla

A water bowl can also be used to feed your chinchilla. However water in a water bowl can become contaminated very quickly by wood shavings, faeces or urine.

It can also be knocked over by a chinchilla very easily
This makes the water bowl not preferable for feeding a chinchilla and it is far better to have a water bottle to give them water.

How much water should a chinchilla drink?

A chinchilla should not drink too much water each day but it should always be available for them.

The normal amount a chinchilla should be drinking is around a few ounces a day. If they are drinking more then there may be an issue with your chinchilla.

If this is happening, do check the bedding which is underneath the water bottle to see if it is wet.

Occasionally with a ball and tip type of bottle, the opening will get stuck open and the water will seep out of it.

The bottle may also leak when the chinchilla plays with it and starts to rattle the ball around in the bottle until all the water seeps out.

Another reason for more water than normal being drink is if your chinchilla is pregnant or is a young pup and growing. Their demand for water will be much higher than that of a normal mature chinchilla.

If you find that there is more water missing from your bottle than normal and it is not down to bottle leakage, check your chinchilla as if they are drinking a large amount of water then do seek veterinary attention as there will be health issues that need addressing.

Can chinchillas drink bottled water?

There is a misconception that bottled water is safer than tap water but this isn’t always the case. It would be safer to filter this water as well as it may also contain infirmities before.

Can chinchillas drink flavoured water?

Unfortunately flavoured water often has preservatives and sweeteners in it which are bad for chinchillas so they cant drink flavoured water at all.

Can chinchillas drink hot water?

Hot water is not good for Chinchillas at all. They just cant handle it and are much better if given cool water. Even warm water wont be great for them, but will be much more bearable at least.