can chinchillas eat rose stems

Can Chinchillas Eat Rose Stems?

In the garden, roses are grown as bushes, shrubs or climbers.

“Bushes” are usually comparatively low growing, often quite upright in habit, with multiple stems emerging near ground level; they are often grown formally in beds with other roses.

“Shrubs” are usually larger and have a more informal or arching habit, and may additionally be placed in a mixed border or grown separately as specimens.

Certain bush hybrids (and smaller shrubs) may also be grown as “standards”, which are plants grafted high (typically 1 metre or more) on a rose rootstock, resulting in extra height which can make a dominant feature in a floral display.

Climbing roses are usually trained to a suitable support. (source)

So can chinchillas eat rose stems?

Unfortunately they can’t at all.

They are too dangerous for them to eat and will hurt them if they eat them.

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