can chinchillas eat oat hay

Can Chinchillas Eat Oat Hay?

Oat hay is a hay that is given to horses to enhance their protein.

It is a reasonable forage for mature horses, that is made from oats.

Depending on the stage of maturity at harvest, the hay may be a very good source of digestible energy.

However, if it was very mature at harvest and most of the grain has shattered and is gone. The feeding value will be reduced.



So can chinchillas eat oat hay?

Unfortunately they can’t eat the horse variety of oat hay.

However, oxbow has an oat hay for small pets available that is low protein grass high with a savory taste.

It meets the nutritional needs of herbivores with an optimal level of fiber and protein.

It can be mixed with other hay varieties, to achieve a nutty taste!