can chinchillas eat lava rock

Can Chinchillas Eat Lava Rock?

Many chinchilla owners get their pets lava rocks for them to bite on in order to try and grind their teeth down.

One of the natural things for chinchillas to do is to grind their teeth on rocks and stones to keep them ground down. So…

Can chinchillas eat Lava rock?

Yes they can grind their teeth on lava rock, some will like it, and some wont.

So long as it does not have any chemicals or bbq starter on it, it is safe for them to chew on.

You will be able to chew on the bag to see if it does or not.

Chinchillas will have their own personal taste as to what they like and don’t like so its worth trying with them to help them grind their teeth on.

However, don’t get hung up if they don’t like it.