can chinchillas eat hamster treats

Can Chinchillas Eat Hamster Treats?

Some chinchilla owners have other pets such as hamsters as well and so combining foods for the two pets may seem a good idea, especially from a financial point of view.

What about sharing treats, is that something that they can do?

Hamster treats are those foods that hammy owners give to their pets much like we give to chinchillas as a reward.

These treats can consist and are not limited to the following.

* apples
* bananas
* blueberries
* broccoli
* carrots
* cauliflower
* cucumber
* dandelions greens
* grapes
* kale
* peas
* potato (cooked)
* romaine lettuce
* spinach
* strawberries
* sweet potato
* squash

Other treats:

* hay
* whole grain bread or toast
* whole wheat pasta (cooked)
* brown rice (cooked)
* whole grain cereal (no sugary cereal)
* meal worms
* crickets or
* small pieces of cooked chicken
* bit of hard boiled eggs
* nuts (no almonds; unsalted)
* unsalted peanuts
* pumpkin seeds
* lentils
* sunflower seeds
* plain air popped popcorn

source yahoo

So can chinchillas eat Hamster treats?

It really depends on what it is, for the most part the answer is no as they have a very different dietary system compared to chinchillas.

What we have done is to put a link to each food, so just click on the food and it will take you to our page which says whether chinchillas can eat that particular hamster treat or not.

Generally chinchillas have a whole other different set of treats so do take care what you feed them. Here are few chinchilla treats;

  • Alfalfa hay cubes
  • Dried Rose hips
  • Herbs fresh or dried
  • Fruit fresh or dried
  • Selected vegetables and greens
  • Grains
  • Toast
  • Raisins

The thing about treats is that they are not their regular food and should be given sparingly as too many treats is a bad thing as far as chinchillas are concerned.

You can read about what treats a chinchilla can eat here.


Image “Syrian hamster filling his cheek pouches with Dandelion leaves” by Peter Maas – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons