can chinchillas eat dried cherries

Can Chinchillas eat Dried Cherries?

Dried cherries are those cherries that have been freezer dried for consumption

So can chinchillas eat dried cherries at all.

They can eat them in very small amounts. They do contain a lot of sugar though so do be careful about how much you feed to them as they will get tummy ache with eating too many not to mention get sick.

They are a treat for chinchillas who will eat as many as you give them so do be careful with how much you give them.

As far back as ancient times, Pliny the Elder had recognised that dried cherries have a diuretic effect which is why they should be fed in very small amounts to chinchillas as they will get an upset stomach from eating too much of them.


Image "Dried cherries" by Geoff - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -