can chinchillas eat degu food

Can Chinchillas eat Degu Food?

A lot of Chinchilla owners have other pets such as a degu as well keeping their chinchillas. They are very similar to chinchillas and many people keep them because;

  • They are small and easy to keep
  • They are diurnal so are awake when you are
  • They are intelligent creatures with personality
  • They enjoy being stroked
  • They dont require specific diets
  • They enjoy the company of humans
  • They are very entertaining

So its obvious that chinchillas and degu’s should be kept in the same household, but is there anything that can be done to save on the cost of food if this is so?

So the question is can chinchillas eat degu food as well?

This question isn’t so bad as it makes sense to cut down on pet food bills by combining the two foods together. As well, they are both rodents so the food they eat should be pretty similar right? Let’s take a look and find out.

The degu needs a diet that is high in fibre. So a high proportion of their diet is made up of good quality hay combined with good quality degu pellets

Hay is an essential part of a degu’s diet and they need an unlimited supply of it. Like chinchilla, the degu needs to chew constantly to grind down their two front teeth which are constantly growing.

So with this, you could have quite a bug hay bill on your hands if you have a chinchilla and a degu. Both timothy and meadow hay are good for this and will satisfy both rodents.

Degu’s also love to eat fruit and vegetables but just like chinchillas, touch of them or eating the wrong type can cause problems so do take care with what you feed them. Vegetables that are good for degu’s include green vegetables, peas, beans, dandelion and broccoli.

These are not good for chinchillas so do be careful and don’t assume that because the degu can have them, that a chinchilla can as well.

They both need unlimited amounts of water well. A water bottle to feed them will be sufficient for this so you will need one for each cage.

So in summary, they could both share hay bales distributed out to each cage and maybe selected vegetables and fruit. But you would need to get separate chinchilla and degu pellets as they are specifically made for the dietary needs of each animal.


Image "Octodon degus -Heidelberg Zoo, Germany-8a" by Markus - NagerUploaded by snowmanradio. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons