can chinchillas eat apple wood

Can Chinchillas eat Apple Wood?

One of the things that chinchillas need to do is to chew constantly.

As their teeth are constantly growing they always need things to help grind their teeth down. In the wild they will do this on rocks, stones, and wood.

So if you can find things for them to grind their teeth on, then your chinchilla will be very grateful.

When it comes to wood for chinchillas to chew on, not all woods are equal and some wood will harm chinchillas

Can chinchillas eat apple wood?

A good wood that chinchillas can chew on is apple wood or apple tree branches.

It is easy to get as many apple orchards or lone trees are found around in many parts of the world.

They will love the apple wood. Just strip away any moss and check that they wood has not been treated at all.

A good idea is to cook the wood for 30 minutes at 300 degrees so as to kill any micro-organisms, but doesn’t actually burn the wood.

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Image apple wood by pixabay