can chinchillas eat antlers

Can Chinchillas eat Antlers?

It has been known for animal owners, especially those animals that need to gnaw, to give their beloved pets antlers to chew on. This is especially a past time in areas of USA and Canada. Some animals in the wild also do gnaw on deer antlers because of their calcium which they contain. So for animals that don’t produce much calcium, they are ideal for a calcium supplement.

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So can chinchillas eat antlers at all?

Unfortunately chinchillas cant eat antlers. This is because of the amount of calcium they contain. Too much calcium can really affect a chinchilla in a bad way can cause them to get kidney stones.

Placing antlers in a chinchillas cage can also be dangerous as chinchillas like to leap around and there is a good chance that they could impale themselves on an antler. They can be incredibly sharp.