can chinchillas and cats get along

Can Chinchillas And Cats Get Along?

Chinchillas and cats are both very social creatures.

They very much enjoy each others company and thrive in this sort of environment.

Cats especially enjoy the company of humans and enjoy the interaction that this brings.

Quite often, because of the popularity of both types of pet, owners will have both types of pet in their home.

So if this is the case, can chinchillas and cats be in the same place together and enjoy each others company?

Can chinchillas and cats get along?

Yes they can get along with the close supervision of a caring owner who knows and understands both species.

What about cats?

However its important to remember that cats naturally prey on animals such as chinchillas.

Cats are predator animals who will try and prey on those that they consider inferior.

They have sharp claws and will bit those creatures who grab hold of it.

They also do not take kindly to other creatures being on their territory and will let it be known to them in no uncertain terms

What about chinchillas?

Chinchillas also have sharp teeth and claws and will not be afraid to use them against any creature they find to be a threat.

Their teeth in particular are very sharp

Chinchillas will get scared and frustrated easily by having a creature like a cat around them.

Chins are very sensitive to fear and can have a heart attack very easily if they get scared. They enjoy familiarity and tranquility with animals of their own species

Even if they are momentarily friends, the instinct of a predator will always come about.

A cat will eventually look to attack a chinchilla.

So they are best kept away from each other in different environments.

The chinchillas safely in their cage away from the paws of a cat.

There are owners who have nurtured both creatures to be at peace with one another.

However, this requires a lot of time and patience.

It requires an experienced owner who knows both animals, and isn’t recommended if you have not done this before.