can chinchillas be alone

Can Chinchillas Be Alone?

Chinchillas have much different characteristics than we do when it comes to being social.

Most chinchillas are very social creatures and very much used to the company of each other.

So can chinchillas be alone at all?

Chinchillas are typically social animals who enjoy spending time with other chinchillas.


Itt is advised to keep them in pairs rather than by themselves.

They do enjoy company and love to cuddle up together, to sleep together and also to play together.

It is recommended that they are kept in same sex couples unless you are planning to breed them.

However, if you are planning on introducing two lone chinchillas together, do note that it can be trick introducing two adults together for the first time.

So it is recommended that you purchase two together that have been brought up together.

When you have two chinchillas together, you don’t have to worry about entertaining them and keeping them busy as they will keep each other company very happily.

Just make sure they are given plenty of treats and toys to play with.

Make sure they are kept in a good sized cage that they can jump freely about in.

So yes they can be alone. But it is better to have two or more chinchillas living together.

If they live alone they tend to get depressed or depressed.

As nocturnal creatures they are awake and busy when most people are asleep.

So don’t be fooled if they don’t seem so active.

But if you have just obtained a chinchilla who happens to be alone, then they can spend some initial time on their own.

Just make sure it is a priority to get another chinchilla to join them.

They will appreciate it much more and will benefit hugely from the interaction, even if they don’t show it at times.