can chinchillas eat biscuits

Can Chinchillas Eat Biscuits?

A biscuit in the United States and parts of Canada.

It widely used in popular American English, is a variety of small baked goods with a firm browned crust and a soft interior.

They are made with baking powder or baking soda as a chemical leavening agent rather than yeast.

They are similar to British scones or the bannock from the Shetland Isles.

Biscuits, soda breads, and cornbread, among others, are often referred to collectively as “quick breads,”

This is to indicate that they do not need time to rise before baking

So can chinchillas eat biscuits at all?

They can nibble them as long as they don’t have any spreads or flavorings on them.

But they hold no nutritional value for them and so are not a food that should be purposely fed to them.

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