A Guide to the Behaviour of a Chinchilla

The chinchilla has a wide variety of behaviours that you’ll be able to see when you studying them.

So recognising different body language, vocalisations, and behaviour will help you to get to know them better.

Here are some of the facets of the behaviour of a chinchilla which will will help you.

How does a chinchilla talk ?

The main way that chinchillas communicate is giving out a squeak which means that they are responding to you.

The more they get to know you the more they will increase their desire to speak to you and the more you will hear them squeak.

If you ignore their call the more they will increase them as they struggle to get attention.

The louder the call gets the more urgent their need becomes and if they are in pain for Some reason, their cry will be even more louder.

How can I tell if a chinchilla is angry?

If they are in an aggressive mood then you may find that they make a growling sound. This is particularly when confronted with another chinchilla.

This growling sound serves as a warning. If you feel that the two chinchillas are not getting along then this growling sound will suggest that one of gem is being bullied by the other.

Another way they may express heir displeasure at each other is if they stand up on their hind legs and spurt out a jet of urine which targeted in the direction of he other pet.

How can you tell if a chinchilla is relaxed?

You can tell that a chinchilla is relaxed as they will move slowly around their cage. They will feel comfortable in sitting in the open cage and not just in the shelter. You will find that they are willing to move around by hop around using their tail to help them stay balanced and almost leaning on it. They will groom them selves using their front paws and are generally interested in exploring especially when they are let out of their cage.

How can you tell if a chinchilla is nervous?

When they are nervous, chinchillas will keep their ears lower and flatten them down toward the back rather than keeping them raise as usual.

How can you tell if a chinchilla is frightened?

You can tell that a chinchilla is frightened as they will exhibit various traits.they may cower in their shelter away from perceived danger.

You may see them shaking or they may start chewing their own fur.

How can you tell that a chinchilla is being affectionate ?

You can tell that a chinchilla is asking for affection as it will come up to the side of the cage and squeak.

I you attempt to touch and tickle it, the chinchilla will respond by squinting its eyes.

If you have the chinchilla out of its cage it will squeak and maybe come close and snuggle to you. It may even jump up on you.

How can you tell that a chinchilla is happy?

You can tell that a chinchilla is happy when it runs and plays without fear and will not be just sitting in its home shelter all of the time.

If it enjoys playing with you and the food that you give to it and attempts to coverse with you.